Young Girl Donated Her Hair To Children With Cancer. Then Her Cruel Classmates Started Bullying Her


Meet Jetta Fosberg! This girl is only ten years old, but she already has a big and kind heart. One day Jetta decided to make a difference in society, despite all stereotypes.


The girl wanted to help children with cancer. So when her hair grew long enough, Jetta did something incredible for girls her age. The girl cut her beautiful hair off and donated it to an organization that uses donated hair to make wigs for kids with cancer. The selfless child donated 14 inches of her hair. Jetta was sure that was the best way to contribute to creating a better world.


Most people, especially kids, are attached to their appearance and hair, but Jetta was happy to have this short haircut. And she looks so cute, doesn’t she?


But when she came to school, her cruel classmates started to bully her! The students said that she was “looking like a boy” and began to call her ugly.

And when the girl’s mom approached the school officials they told her that “they didn’t know of any child that had ever died from words,” and her girl “needed to toughen up and deal with it.”

Then the mother went online and create a page called “Stand With Jetta” to make Jetta feel better. People from all over the world started to send Jetta supportive messages, and that was great! Jetta’s mom believed this page could help other victims of bullying too.

Jetta said she had no regrets. The girl added:“Knowing that there’s people who think that my haircut’s cute, and that they think that I’m a good person, it kind of helps me fight against the bullies.”


What a brave girl. I think she deserves our respect. Rasplove this inspiring story with your friends!