You Would Have To Take A Second Look To Believe Your Eyes On What People Found At The Beach!


The oceans are full of great mysteries. While many of them are hiding in their depths, some come out to the surface. Every day, many incredible objects are found on beaches all around the world. From LEGO men to World War II Planes – amazing things that have washed ashore blow people‘s minds away. We‘ve gathered the craziest beach findings here. Scroll down to see them all.
# 1. Doritos

In 2006, dreams of Dorito lovers of North Carolina came true. A storm knocked off an entire container of the delicious snacks of a large ship. Eventually, the Doritos settled right on the beach!
# 2. Thousands Of Shoes

Similar to the Doritos, thosands of new Reeboks appeared on a beach. It happend in The Netherlands.
# 3. World War II Plane

And here come the findings of a higher level! Some people spotted this incredible P-38 Lightning on the beach north of Wales in the United Kingdom.
# 4. Buried Mercedes

You can see only the top of this buried car in the picture because no one on New Zealand’s 90 Mile Beach wanted to dig it out of the sand. Well, it‘s not surprising — it would be a real pain to dig out the Mercedes.
# 5. A Piano
This washed ashore piano looks like ih has been left on the beach after some musical photo shoot!
# 6. A Lot Of Cocaine

Cocaine worth of $70 million washed up on a beach near Tokyo, Japan in 2013.
# 7. A Motorcycle

It might be hard to believe but this motorcycle, found on a beach in Western Canada came all the way from Japan! It had been washed out to sea by the Tsunamis in 2011 and was deposited on the Canadian beach.
# 8. A Loaded Gun

This gun was found on the beach at Coney Island. And it was loaded!
# 9. A Giant Lego Man

This huge LEGO man was washed up on a beach in Florida in 2011. Thank God he was so big and no one hurt their feet after stepping on him!
# 10. A Huge Oarfish

Just look at this 13-foot-long oarfish! It was discovered on the beach at Catalina Is