World’s laziest dog is living his very best life


Some dogs get famous for doing something good. And other dogs, by doing something bad. This particular pup, meanwhile, has taken a different approach.

He’s making a name for himself by doing, well, pretty much nothing.


Recently, folks in Rosario, Argentina, have begun noticing a woman going around town in the company of a little white dog. The pup, who appears to be a Westie, is never walking, though — instead, he’s always being wheeled along, riding in a cart she pulls.

Evelyn Luna is one of many people who’ve taken notice. Last Saturday, she and a friend were on the same sidewalk as the lady and her dog.

«We saw it from behind, and I thought it was an old dog or he had mobility problems,» Luna told The Dodo. «We started saying, ‘Poor thing. What’s wrong with him?'»

But then they learned the truth.