Women Who Gave Birth With The Help Of Caesarean Section Are Heroes! Here Is Why


Delivery is always a big attempt, fear, unbearable pain and at the same time huge happiness. Women are real heroes because they go through all these sufferings to give birth to the new life. But the majority of people stick to the stereotype that “true delivery” only the natural ones, vaginal. And as for the “easier variant”, the caesarean section, when a child is simply picked up from the cut in the belly, are considered to be simple, as a woman doesn’t need to strain herself.

We want to disperse this false information. Delivery with the help of the caesarean section is really hard way, and women who choose it should be respected and be admired for their bravery. And here is why.


1. This is a real operation, and a husband will not be allowed to be present

If during the common delivery your husband can support you, hold your hand and always be by your side, before the caesarean section the woman remains alone. Sitting on an operating table she looks at the fuss of nurses and doctors who usually don’t pay any attention at her. She lacks support and consolation, she often feels scared and lonely. And the only thing that gives her strength at this moment is her huge love to her child.

2. These women can’t know immediately if the delivery was successful


The caesarean section is the medical necessity often caused by the complications during the pregnancy. There are even more worries because during the operation the woman is anesthetized. This means she will not manage to know immediately if the delivery was successful and will not manage to hold her child right after his or her coming to this world. But these mothers are very strong and they fight with their fear, because they know that this will be better for their child.

3. The caesarean section is a real operation with cuts, wounds and stitches

During the caesarean section, the woman’s womb is cut through the belly to get the child out of there. Can you imagine the size of the cut that is required for fitting the child? Recovery after such delivery takes up to several months. And at the beginning young mothers suffer severe pains during the walking. That’s why we need to admire such women!

4. These women are wonderful!


On the body of these women, there is a big scar that remains for their whole life as a reminder of what they had to survive for the love of their child. But this is the scar they should never feel ashamed of. Because mothers are the most beautiful women in the world!

Being the mother is a huge trial but also the great happiness!