Woman Wants Second Baby, But Then Husband Sees A Positive Pregnancy Test She Didn’t Take


It was Will’s very first Youtube video, and so he wanted to try something a little… different. At the time, he and his wife Keke were trying for their second baby, but things weren’t moving as fast as they’d hoped.

One week before filming the video below, Keke took two faulty pregnancy tests. “We still had hope that if we waited one more week we might get a positive,” Will said. “Before she was able to take another test a week later, I decided to try the whole “toilet situation,” having no idea if she was even pregnant or if it would even work if she were pregnant.”

The whole “toilet situation?!”

You see, Will wanted to shock and surprise his wife Keke by being the first person to tell her she was indeed pregnant with their second child — and Keke had no idea!

In the clip below, Will secretly takes one of the unopened pregnancy tests from Keke’s stash in the bathroom. Knowing she has a habit of forgetting to flush the toilet, Will dips the test into the toilet.

Moments later, he can’t believe his eyes. Now, he has to go downstairs and capture Keke’s reaction on camera.

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