Woman Finds Pretty Piece Of ‘Glass’ On The Ground, Then Discovers It’s A 2.65 Carat Diamond


Nothing screams luxury more than diamonds — diamond-encrusted jewelry is not only beautiful, but highly sought-after and very expensive.

Everyone knows the saying “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” and for one young woman that saying just became a reality.

Victoria Brodski was celebrating her 25th birthday at Arkansas’ Crater of Diamonds State Park on May 6, 2017, when something truly spectacular happened.

She was wandering around the park when she spotted what she thought was a pretty piece of colored glass. Little did she know, it was actually a diamond.

Later, while looking at photos of uncut diamonds the park had on display, Victoria realized that what she had found was not just any old piece of glass. It was a 2.65 carat diamond!

Waymon Cox, a park interpreter, said, “Brodski’s diamond is one of the more beautiful brown diamonds I’ve seen from the park. It’s about the size of a bead, with a dark brown color, like raw honey. It has a smooth, rounded surface and appears free of blemishes, inside and out.”

The huge diamond is the second-largest someone has found at the state park this year. To find out what Victoria plans to do with the diamond she found, watch the video below!

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