Woman Eats At Outback With Dad, Then Snaps Secret Photo When She Sees Manager Cleaning Tables


As many of us already know, working in the service industry can be grueling. One always has to keep pace with the flow of customers coming into a restaurant — whether you’re working in the kitchen or on the floor.

Sometimes, this pace seems impossibly fast, and servers and busboys need help. Often, people ignore the part of the job that involves cleaning up and getting the table ready for the next family, but it’s crucial: Any mistake, like a dirty table, can determine how much a customer is willing to tip.

Hailey Beard and her father were dining in a Florida Outback Steakhouse when she noticed the manager doing a job he wasn’t meant to be doing. He was on the floor, with his employees, doing the “grunt work” and cleaning up the tables. Hailey then snapped a secret photo and posted it on Facebook, adding that she thinks he is an example of good management.

You can read Hailey’s words about the experience in her post below…


Me and my dad are at Outback and I wanted to post about this manager. I don’t know him but I want to give him credit…

He is busing tables, filling drinks and running food…

He doesn’t have to do any of that but he could tell that they were busy. He was helping his employees.

This is a great example of management. He doesn’t get tipped out, but he wants his server to make good money, and to have a more flow of customers.


He is showing his employees teamwork, and that he isn’t going to let them fail.


Being a leader and setting an example is management — yelling at your employees to do something isn’t.

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