Which is your soul flower based on your Zodiac?


#1 Aries
Aries are passionate people whose hearts reflect compassion and love. They are the kind of people who would find good in bad and they would rather understand a person than judge them. Aries are the kind of people who have the ability to thrive in the darkest of situations just like a lotus which can even grow in the mud.

Lotus is the soul flower of Aries


#2 Taurus
Taureans are colorful people with a strong sense of commitment. Their souls are filled with numerous qualities, each as beautiful as the next. They can be stubborn at times but each of their actions is symbolic of something greater. Taureans are sensitive people who display true inner beauty, each of which is a quality reflected exactly by the Tulips.

Tulip is the soul flower of Taurus


#3 Gemini
Geminis are people who are extremely positive by nature. They have optimistic personalities and they tend to find the silver lining in the darkest of clouds. They are driven to shine and their souls are refreshing. They have the beautiful ability to rejuvenate others with their positivity and their personality matches the beauty of orchids perfectly.
Orchid is the soul flower of Gemini


#4 Cancer
Cancers are known to be uplifting souls who like spreading love and joy. They are spontaneous and have hearts of gold. They are the kind of people whose very presence in our lives can brighten our days and they do not hold back when they spread the joy, a quality which is deeply associated with the lovely flower, rose.

Rose is the soul flower of Cancer


#5 Leo
Leos are warm and wonderful people who display really valuable traits like abundance, prosperity, beauty, and innocence. They are passionate people but their beauty is reflected not by force but through their sweet personalities. They can change their thoughts and their desires to suit their needs, the qualities which are exactly depicted by the variety of the flower, lily.
Lily is the soul flower of Leo


#6 Virgo
Virgos are the kind of people who do not open up to everyone. They are not shy but they prefer sharing their inner thoughts only with those they trust. They have a world of their own and they only allow a select few to have a glimpse into their innermost thoughts. Just like the daisy which opens in the morning and shuts at night, Virgos open to select few and shut out the negatives.

Daisy is the soul flower of Virgo


#7 Libra
Libras are the kind of people who are fair-minded and non-judgmental. They are the kind of people who love unconditionally and rarely ask for a thing in return. They are the kind of sweet souls who add beauty to the concept of love and they are the ones who make falling in love worthwhile. Their soul, in essence, matches the true beauty of carnation.

Carnation is the soul flower of Libra


#8 Scorpio
Scorpios, contrary to their name, are sweet people who like taking others along with them. They are the kind of people who give others a second chance and they believe in the inherent goodness of people. They are symbolically attached to the concept of rebirth and new beginnings, exactly like the daffodils.
Daffodil is the soul flower of Scorpio


#9 Sagittarius
Sagittarians are cheerful people and free-spirited by nature. They are the kind of people who would make you smile no matter how gloomy you feel and they can lift your spirits when you are feeling the blues. The bougainvillea is the flower which represents their soul as it is the flower which perfectly captures their jovial side.
Bougainvillea is the soul flower of Sagittarius


#10 Capricorn
Capricorns are sensitive people who can feel emotions deeply. They are empaths of the highest order and they are delicate in terms of their emotions. Kind and caring by nature, their personalities are warm and welcoming which invites a tired soul with a smile. Hibiscus, therefore, is their soul flower.
Hibiscus is the soul flower of Capricorn


#11 Aquarius

Aquarians are the kind of people who would always find hope. They are strong and powerful personalities with a natural inclination towards the positive side of life. They are generous and kind but even more optimistic about the future. They are the kind of people who hope for the best and prepare for the worst. The petunia, therefore, depicts their personality the best.
Petunia is the soul flower of Aquarius


#12 Pisces
Pisceans are cool and calm by nature but also sensual. They have a pure soul and a gentle heart with nothing but love for one and all. Their personality is meant to be cherished for they can be as beautiful as the best of creations and they can be equally seductive. Their soul, no doubt, mimics the traits of Jasmine.
Jasmine is the soul flower of Pisces