When This Pizza Guy Said He Wanted To Sing Old Music, Everybody Was Skeptical. Then Something Mind-Blowing Happened


Music is one of the greatest things in the world. No matter what kind of person you are, you always can find the right song to express yourself and your feelings. And really great music never gets old. Some songs are so incredible that people of all ages appreciate them. But can everybody perform these classical songs? Some people think that only experienced singers have enough skills to sing old songs.

When Sal Valentinetti came up on the stage and said he was going to sing a very classical song, the audience was pretty skeptical. This 20-year-old pizza guy didn’t look very promising.

Well, the man definitely had a lot of confidence to feel free on the stage, but the judges were not sure he had enough talent to perform Frank Sinatra! Luckily, Sal managed to demonstrate his incredible voice in all its glory and his performance is worth our attention.

Watch the video below to see the judges’ reaction to his version of “My Way.” And share this amazing performance with all your friends!