When She Told Them The Song She Would Sing They Laughed, But When They Heard The First Notes…


Appearances can be deceiving and if we’ve learned anything from talent competitions it’s to not judge a book by its cover. A person’s age or appearance doesn’t matter, talent can be found anywhere in the world. Maia Gough is a 12 year old British girl who showed that and exceeded all expectations.


The adorable Maia auditioned for the program Britain’s Got Talent showing off a princess dress. We can see that the girl is a little nervous at first, but that’s why she’s there with her family, who support her unconditionally. When the judges ask her what song she’s going to sing, Maia responds that she’ll sing a song by her musical idol, Whitney Houston.


The judges look a little skeptical, since Whitney’s voice is so big, but when Maia begins to sing “I have nothing”, everything changes. The little girl’s voice is simply incredible, as if she was an accomplished, professional, adult singer. Check out her talent for yourself!