What sin you are most likely to commit, based on your zodiac sign


Each zodiac sign acts in a certain way and that personality is determined through the traits these zodiac possess. So, what do they say about your propensity to sin?

#1 Aries — Murder


Aries are genuine people who like minding their own business and going about their own life. They are the kind of people who already have an active life and a lot on their plates. They do not have the time to indulge in BS, and they are simply too occupied to care about the trivialities of life.


It is, therefore, best to leave them at that as if they are unduly disturbed or threatened when the threat is uncalled for, they can reveal a side of them that no one knows. They are not the ones to take threats kindly and if you go after Aries, they would come after you as well. And if the push comes to shove, they would murder!

#2 Taurus — Revenge Kill


Taureans are one of the kindest people one may come across and they are reasonable people, to say the least. They love with all their hearts and they are the kind of people who would protect their loved ones in any way they can. They are stubborn in a way that can make them extremely dangerous in certain situations.


Needless to say, Taureans are very particular about their loved ones and their honor. They try living a dignified life and they respect others. But they do not take slights done to them kindly. They are not the ones who will suffer injustice. And the one time that would cross all boundaries is when they feel they have been unjustly hurt and they may even kill for revenge.

#3 Gemini — Lie


Geminis are the kind of people who are extremely goal oriented and driven to succeed in life. They are the kind of people who are highly active and are usually an inspiration for others to succeed. Their ambition means the world to them.


So, when it comes to reaching their goals, Geminis can do absolutely anything. They do not mind being unethical as long as it helps them turn their dreams into reality and they could lie with a straight face, as often as needed, in order to make sure that they get what they want in life. Dark ambition? Sure!

#4 Cancer — Glutton


Cancer people are vociferous consumers of all that is pleasant and good in life. They have a good sense of aesthetics and they are meant for the finer things in life. They are compulsive when it comes to beautiful things and they are highly attracted towards a refined life.


Cancers are, therefore, gluttons of the highest form. They take their consumption to its limits. Be it reading, eating good food, traveling, etc. they consume the goodness with fervor and they have no regrets about having too much of a good thing.

#5 Leo — Lust


Leos are naturally passionate. They have an insatiable fire burning in their hearts and their desire is a sight to behold. They are the kind of people who love with all their hearts and they take their love to the extremes. They are the true romantics.


Leos, being passionate and romantic by nature, are also more inclined to move towards lust. Their desire and their thirst are such that it takes someone extremely special to fulfill their needs. Lust, more for love than for flesh, is what drives their personality and this is what they seek in life.

#6 Virgo — Greed


Virgos are usually the kind of people who are perfectionists, driven, and detail oriented. They are very specific about the things in their life and also about what they desire. Their needs are not much but they are highly specific. A Virgo, for example, may not need everything but if they need one thing they need it as much as they can get.


Greed, therefore, becomes their sin. They do not want much and they would not take everything but if there’s one thing that they have their hearts set upon then they would want all of it. If they read, they would read greedily and if they love they would love greedily.

#7 Libra — Cheat


Contrary to what their Zodiac signifies, Libras are quite smart people and they can be extremely practical when it comes to their life choices. They can be shrewd when they want to be and they can be highly convincing at it too.


They, therefore, are not too concerned with a lot of ethics. They are pragmatic and wish to attain success in life. If cheating can get them there, they do not mind indulging in it. This is not to say that they would definitely do it but that they would not hold too much by cheating if they can get away with it.

#8 Scorpio — Deceive


Scorpios usually do not get involved in other people’s affairs and prefer being on their own. They are the kind of people who like their peace and quiet and silently go about doing what they want to do. They prefer remaining in the background and keeping a low-profile than being in the spotlight.


Their nature, therefore, makes them highly effective when they wish to deceive. They are so cool and composed in their methods that they would simply make you believe in something that’s not true, just to be left alone with their peace. They are good at deception and would rarely let out their thoughts. Try reading them and chances are you would be wrong!

#9 Sagittarius — Manipulate


Sagittarians know that they are extremely smart and that they are better than most people around them. They are sharp people who understand their own personalities quite well and they know exactly what they want in life and how to get them.


This also means that they have a sharper mind. They, therefore, are very good at manipulating when they want to. Being smart also means that they have the ability to convince you for anything and you would not even suspect them. Never try to mess with a Sagittarian, they know how to defeat you at your own game.

#10 Capricorn — Sloth


Capricorns hardly care what anyone else is up to as long as they are doing what they are meant to. They do not bother themselves with the trivialities of life and they do not care about the small things. So, most often they appear quite passive even though their minds are working furiously.


It is their I-don’t-give-a-damn attitude that makes them appear passive and inert. They appear lazy and sloth-like and love procrastinating. The fact is that they are highly efficient at what they do and hence they have a lot of time to just laze around doing nothing.

#11 Aquarius — Wrath


Aquarians are not complicated. They are simple but straightforward people. They do not hide their emotions and they rarely lie. They would be the first people to tell a harsh truth than sugarcoat a lie to comfort someone. They are upfront and brutally honest.


This also means that they expect honesty in return. They hate things like disloyalty, dishonesty, and deceit. Needless to say, they lose it when they are lied to. They go completely off the handle when they feel cheated and their wrath could be devastating for their rivals. It is best to treat them with the same respect they grant you and never be on their wrong side.

#12 Pisces — Rage Kill


Pisceans are enigmatic people who lead a life of their own. Their thoughts and their opinions are usually their own and they rarely speak out about them. It is, therefore, difficult to gauge what triggers them off or what makes them lose their mind.


It is advisable to always be a bit cautious while dealing with a Piscean as you never know what would trigger them. And if you manage to get on the wrong side of these mysterious people to the extent that they lose their minds then be prepared. They would come after you with a rage from hell and not rest until they see to your destruction.

Disclaimer: This article is purely for entertainment purposes, these are not facts.