What it means if a deceased loved one visits you in a dream


One of the toughest things we have to face at some point in our lives is the loss of a loved one. The process of grieving is different for everyone and people can spend most of their lives getting over their loved ones. Therefore, if you lucky enough to have a loved one visit you in a dream then you are truly blessed. Even if it was something that happened during the difficult time, regardless of how spiritual or religious you are, receiving a visit from a loved one that you lost in a dream is extremely fulfilling. That’s because the dreamer is often filled with hope, happiness and finally, closure. Often times, this is an important part of the healing process and therefore, these dreams are well received, regardless of your beliefs. They tend to be very “real” to the dreamer. There are many reasons why this is a common phenomenon for many people. Here are some of the themes of all visitation dreams.

1. The deceased usually appear healthier.


When dreaming about a loved one, they will usually appear looking exactly the same as they did in life, or potentially even healthier. This is believed to be because they are at their purest, only visiting out of love and happiness, hoping to see you before they move on. They seem healthy because they possess no negative qualities anymore, including those of bad health and bad feelings. Also, we are thankful to see them like this, especially if their passing was a long, hard road.

2. They bring reassurance.


The most common theme that people share when discussing visitation dreams is one of reassurance. People talk about how their loved ones are there to forgive and reassure the dreamer that they are in fact very well and happy. This is helpful if there were any hard feelings between you and your loved one or if they were struggling emotionally during their life here on earth. These are the dreams that make us wake up happy and thankful for their message of hope.

3. They aren’t very talkative.


People also commonly report that their loved ones don’t talk to them much, though a clear message is given, through signs and body language within a dream. Some people refer to this as a telepathic communication. Even so, they are tell us so much just by visiting us in our dreams and we are mostly filled with love after having such a dream about them.

4. The dreams are clear and structured.


Most of our dreams are often wacky and confusing. Many of the events that take place can be strange and random, much like the locations. They can seem like a strange merging of different things we see throughout our day to day lives. However, people say that visitation dreams are often very clear and follow a coherent structure, which is one of the main ways in which people can recognise that they’ve had a visitation dream rather than just a regular one.

5. They are easily remembered.


It is common for the details of dreams to be forgotten a mere few minutes after waking up. To prevent this, some people keep dream diaries so that they can write down what they saw while it’s still fresh in their minds. However, none of this is needed with a visitation dream as they are always very vivid. In fact, most dreamers say they can recall their visitation dream for the rest of their lives. This leads us to believe that these dreams are more than just a dream that, in fact, they are real, spiritual visitations from our loved ones.

6. The dreamer feels changed by the whole experience.


You will know when you have a visitation dream as their effects have a big impact on your life. You will feel like you have learned something after the dream and that the whole thing was a big experience. Afterwards, we are sure that we have reconnected with their spirit in a real way that lasts with us for a lifetime.

7. The dream usually ends the grieving process.


People feel overcome with a strong sense of peace after a visitation dream, often ending the grieving process and providing people with closure on their relationships. This is usually because their loved one seemed truly happy before leaving them for one last time, allowing people to accept that they’re gone and being able to move on without them.

8. They are surrounded by some sort of light.


This may be because they are in “a better place” that is full of light and they often have a message to pass along all the while they offer you comfort. This is how you know that it is truly a blessed thing.

9. They offer proof that there is life after death.


This is the age old question that has plagued man for centuries and these dreams tend to offer us hope that there is such a thing because our loved ones are confirming it to us in our dreams. Also, because of the fact that we love them and trust the, we tend to believe that this is true.

10. They sometimes play a role in our dreams.


Just like characters in a movie, a loved one could be in our dreams in the same way. That way we are con confronted with them face to face. Instead, they roam around our dream with us and play a role and this role helps our subconscious to perceive their help that they offer in our dreams. In this way, they work through the normal filters of our waking mind which perceives our loved ones in their physical forms only. In this way, they can communicate with us on a different level without us questioning it with our rational minds so much.

11. It is a peaceful reunion.


All in all, these dreams offer us a sense of reunion between ourselves and our loved one who has passed. Often times we miss them so badly and we wish that we had more time with them in order to say the things that we didn’t have a chance to say or perhaps neglected to say to them in real life. Therefore, dreamers usually indicate they feel as if they have reunited with them for one last time in order to get out all of the things that were never said during life. It is a happy time and each dreamer is thankful for the reunion which helps them go on in their waking life without them.

12. There’s is a feeling of closure.


There are many different explanations throughout religion and psychology as to what our dreams mean. Some people believe that it is our brain’s way of processing tragic events and providing a psychological safety net for us to get over a loss. Others believe that it is the lost one’s final moment before they are sent to heaven or the next life. Therefore, when you have a dream such as this, you do wake up feeling that that chapter of your grief is now done and you are finally able to accept their passing as final. The relationship is healed and so, finally, all is well with the world again!

Whatever the belief, it has to mean something as everyone shares this experience at some point in their lives.

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