We Bet You Never Imagined How These 19 Foods Actually Grow


Unless you are a farmer, a gardener, or a homesteading hobbyist, we bet you don’t have the closest relationship with your food—and we don’t blame you! After all, not all of us live in rural areas, a fact that makes identifying even the simplest of crops an awkward and often embarrassing ordeal.

Just the same, we think it’s important for everyone to get to know what fruits and veggies look like as they are growing on the farm. It’s actually quite the intriguing topic, which is why we are sharing 19 of the most mind-boggling examples with you today. We promise, these crops are nothing like the way they look on the shelves of your grocery store!

1.Brussel sprouts grow on giant stems


Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, we can all agree that these stinky veggies look a whole lot different when first plucked from the ground!

2.Artichokes are beautiful flowers in disguise


Makes us wonder what else artichokes have hiding up their sleeves!

3.Kiwis grow on vines


Unless you are a Californian or a, well, Kiwi, we doubt you knew that the sweetest fruit around actually looks more like grapes when forming.

4.Cinnamon comes from tree bark


Fun Fact: cinnamon trees are actually classified as evergreens and can be found almost exclusively in Sri Lanka and South India. Now you know!

5.Peanuts actually look like peanuts


OK, we know this shouldn’t be any sort of revelation, but we think it’s amazing that they form those unique, hard shells underground!

6.Cashews could be mistaken for apples


Believe it or not, the cashew fruit—or the “apple”—is more widely consumed than the nut itself in many parts of the world.

7.Growing capers resemble a hibiscus flower


Yet another crop that looks like it belongs in a bouquet!

8.Cranberries are harvested from bogs


Although not all cranberries need to be “wet harvested”, the technique allows farmers to turn out more fruit per season.

9.Pineapples grow from the bottom up


We don’t know what we pictured a growing pineapple to look like, but it certainly wasn’t this!

10.Black pepper resembles berries


We guarantee that these berries aren’t the type you’ll want to bite into.

11.Quinoa or red lavender?


Either way, we’d love to take a stroll through this field!

12.Almonds form in shells


Nope, that’s not a malformed pistachio. There’s actually an almond developing within that thick shell!

13.Pinto beans grow in pods


Sure, we’re used to seeing peas in pods, but pinto beans? Not so much…

14.Dates grow in massive clusters


These guys are literally the chandeliers of the plant world!

15.Eggplants are actually classified as fruit


More specifically, berries. Mind=blown.

16.Sunflower seeds come from sunflowers


Roll your eyes, but don’t even try to tell us that you think about actual sunflowers when you go into a gas station and buy a bag of seeds!

17.Jicama resembles a turnip


This crunchy root sure is hard to identify in its rawest form.

18.Alfalfa sprouts can be grown in jars


Yet another reason to stock up on mason jars!