Watch As This White Peacock Displays His Gorgeous Tail


We have been used to seeing peacocks and their magnificent feathers in royal blue and emerald green feathers and they look absolutely stunning most especially when they show off their tail. But, have you ever seen a peacock in an all-white color? Yep. All white, folks! Called as an “albino” peacock, this creature is as enchanting as the usual peacock we often see. Now, what happens if this enchanting white creature shows off his tail, too? You’ll find that out in the video below.

The peacock in the video below may not have colorful feathers to show off, but he’s still as magnificent as ever. Unlike a true albino peacock, he has blue eyes. The true albinos have red eyes. The blue eyes of the peacock below is the result of “leucism”, a genetic mutation that can decrease the pigment in plumage but leaves the eyes still with a blue color.

Looking like a very delicate bird covered with white feathers, it is no wonder why when he spread his tail, I was at awe. It looks so beautiful! I never thought that an all-white peacock would still look as stunningly beautiful as the colorful ones. Watch as this beautiful bird shows off his beauty in the video below:

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