Watch as a man is assaulted by litter of adorable kittens


Some things are worth the pain. And one man found that being covered in kittens was worth being gently clawed while he fed them with a bottle.

His sacrifice for cuteness was captured on video and we are obsessed with it.
This man single-handedly bottle feeds a litter of kittens who are all fighting to get fed. This mad kindly obliges letting them crawl all over him and each other for some food.

You can tell this poor guy is wincing in pain as their tiny needle-like claws dig into him, but still, he carries on.

“They’re leaving holes in my body,” he jokes.
Eventually, he can’t take it anymore. He finally plucks all the little fur babies off of him and places them on the floor next to him so he can focus on hand feeding one of them without being assaulted by all their tiny little paws.

But that doesn’t stop these hungry little beasts. They just climb right back up the man.

Up his back and one of them even decides to try and climb up on his head.
“You better hurry up, they’re coming, they’re coming!” the man says to the kitten he’s feeding.

Before you know it, once again, this man is covered in kittens. He’s back to wincing in pain all over again while they all try to get at the tiny little bottle.

“Ooooh, they hurt so bad, so bad,” he says at one point.

He has to set them all down again.

“I want you all to stay down there and be good,” he tells the litter.

He then picks up the tiny grey kitten out of the ginger pack and gives him a chance to eat.
But the other kittens aren’t haven’t it. They start right back up again to make their way up the man and toward the bottle.

“Take a picture of mom while I’m feeding the kids,” he says to the person holding the camera.

The camera pans over to her mom while she leisurely sits in the lawn cleaning herself not giving a thought to all the hard work the man is doing feeding her babies.

And this poor man is really getting it bad at this point.

“OK, I’ll give you some,” he says. “Quit biting. Gosh, dang it. Quit it, you’re hurting me!”

You’ll have to watch the rest below to see how it all turns out.

The cutest kittens

Watch this man's epic battle as he feeds a horde of vicious kittensBy:

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