Waitress Serves Cowboy Who Sticks Out Like A Sore Thumb. When She Sees His ‘Tip,’ She’s Shocked


Never judge a book by its cover.

Rosalynd Harris is a server at Busboys and Poets, a coffee shop/restaurant situated smack–dab in the middle of Washington, D.C. One day, in January 2017, a man came in to grab lunch with his two friends and were seated in Rosalynd’s section.

James White and his buddies were visiting from Texas to attend the presidential inauguration.

Rosalynd, 25, was still “buzzing with excitement” from the Women’s March a few days prior. She instantly assumed James and his friends were Trump supporters. Emotions from both sides of party lines were running particularly high that week.

“I could tell they were from the South because they had their cowboy hats on, and I was like, “Oh, you’re not from the city,”‘ she told WUSA9.

James and friends knew they stuck out like sore thumbs. The Washington Post reports, “The three white Texan men knew they stuck out in a place where African-American art and images cover the walls. And White said he could sense when his waitress greeted them that she knew they did too.”

Although they may have disagreed on their political standings, Rosalynd greeted the men with a cheerful attitude and big smile.

When it came time to run James’ bill, Rosalynd looked at the receipt and saw a handwritten message scribbled along the side — and a tip left on the $72.60 bill that left her standing there in complete shock.