Вrink ginger water every day and you will love the results


The right ginger water recipe can be absolutely delicious, and you will be amazed by how much better it can make you feel.

Immunity booster
Our ancestors took advantage of this spice’s antioxidants to keep them healthy and ward off the flu. Regular consumption of ginger keeps your immune system strong and able to fight off germs and bacteria. If you already have a cold, ginger can be used as an anti-inflammatory but not a cure.

Tummy tamer
Ate too much and feeling bloated? Reach for ginger! This will calm your stomach and help with digestion by stimulating the intestines and increasing the number of digestive enzymes at work.


Natural pain reliever
Researchers at the University of Georgia found that drinking ginger on an empty stomach can reduce muscle and joint pain by twenty-five percent! It may be a great way to reduce mild to moderate pain without having to reach for a pill bottle.

Period pain reducer
Speaking of pills, in a study of one hundred and fifty women, ginger reduced their menstrual pain just as well as ibuprofen. Common problems women may face during their time of the month are back aches, stomach cramps, and headaches. Ginger may be able to decrease some of those symptoms.

Fat burner
One of the best things about ginger is its ability to burn fat when regularly consumed. Specifically, ginger will help take off pounds and inches around your back, thighs and waist. A healthy diet and exercise are still required, but it will allow the fat burning to target those specific areas more accurately.

Making ginger effective
Colombia University found that people who have ginger with their breakfast burn forty-three more calories per day than those who do not. This means that each week they are burning 300 additional calories, which is the equivalent of an extra workout.

It seems that morning is the best time to drink ginger, especially if you want to skip one workout a week!

Ginger tea
A great way to add ginger to your morning meal is to make ginger tea. Heat water as you normally would if you were going to make a cup of tea. Next, add a small piece of fresh ginger to the cup and let it steep. Usually, five minutes is plenty of time to let the ginger infuse into the water. Add the juice from one lemon to give it extra flavor and help mask the ginger flavor if it is too strong for you on its own.

Ginger water
You can easily brew your own ginger water and keep it in the refrigerator. It’s a great way to be prepared ahead of time to take a quick shot before breakfast on an empty stomach, as well as after dinner to get your digestion going.

To make ginger water you need finely chopped ginger, a liter and a half of water, and lemon juice. First, boil the water and add the ginger slices. Next, leave the mixture to simmer for 15 minutes, and afterwards remove the saucepan from the heat. Stir and add the lemon juice. Set it aside to cool and then refrigerate it for later.

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