Video: if you’ve never heard a baby elephant giggle before, now is your chance


This video has to be one of the most heartwarming one’s I’ve ever seen. Watching this baby elephant have so much fun reminds me of my little daughter crawling around her crib, giggling at the silly faces I flash at her. But this clip proves to be powerful because it shows how elephants can share that joyful bond with humans. This video comes from the fantastic Maevang Elephant Camp, which is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The person behind the camera was student Laura-Jane. She came to Thailand from Aberdeenshire for two months to celebrate graduating from school. But she never expected to produce a viral video sensation while on her vacation from real life.

However, Laura-Jane knew immediately when she saw the joy of the baby elephant that she had stumbled upon a moment she needed to capture on video and share with her friends on social media. And she was right. Not only did her social media friends enjoy the clip, but thousands of others also found it lovely.

The caretaker at the Elephant Camp was playing with the baby elephant. The person had a plastic bucket and was using it as a toy with the elephant. And as visitors watched, they fell in love with the baby who was having the time of her life with that plastic bucket. And in the clip filmed by Laura-Jane, you can actually hear the baby elephant giggling from joy.

Laura-Jane was touched with the elephant’s expression of pure joy. As a geology Ph.D. student, she is already in touch with nature and the world. But this baby elephant nearly brought her to tears from its uninhibited display of pure joy.

“It made me feel so happy to see the elephant obviously having such a good time. We watched the baby being playful, relaxed and care-free all day. She seemed to be quite a cheeky little girl, and at one point even tried to eat my top.”

In the video, you can see the elephant’s mother nearby. She refuses to let her daughter out of view just like a human mother would. But she trusts the park caretaker because the mother also receives food from him.

Laura-Jane said, “In the afternoon, we got to ride the older elephants for a little way through the jungle. The baby came along for a stroll and to have some fun.”

Laura-Jane’s video first went online in 2014. But she recently reposted it to give her friends another reason to smile. That’s why the video has come back in full force. Who can refuse a giggling baby elephant?

Mail Online readers shared some comments about the video:

“I’ve been to this exact elephant camp. Had an amazing time. Elephants were well looked after and had formed close relationships with their keepers. My group got to feed them, take them to the river to have a bath and play in the mud with them. No riding them either.”

“Definitely happy story of the day. Made me laugh.”

Did you know baby elephants could giggle?