VaporRub Does What?! I Never Would Have Imagined It Could Be Used Like This


If you have ever had a cold, you have probably used VapoRub. The soothing scent opens your sinuses up and soothes your coughs. There is obviously some very important science to it, but when you are sick all that matters is that it is a magical potion that will save you from the sneezes.

The thing is, VapoRub has many more magical abilities than just treating colds. There are a bunch of really cool ways to use VapoRub that are going to help you out in so many situations. Check out 10 of the ways you can use VapoRub.

1. Fight off toe fungus


If you are suffering from a sunburn you can rub a little bit of VapoRub on it and it will help the stinging stop.

2. Soothe Sunburns


If you are suffering from a sunburn you can rub a little bit of VapoRub on it and it will help the stinging stop.

3. Moisturize Chapped Lips


Dry lips are one of the worst things, but a little bit of VapoRub goes a long way to keep them from cracking!
4. Ease earaches


If you have an earache you can put a little bit of VapoRub on a cotton ball and put it into your ear for a few hours. The antiseptic properties will help ease infections and it will also reduce pain.

5. Relieve headache pain


If you rub some VapoRub into your temples, the menthol with help to relieve some of the pressure in your head.


6. Helps to train animals


If there is a place in your house your dog tends to mark as their own, you can use VapoRub as a deterrent. Place an open jar near the area they keep marking and the smell will keep them away from the area so they won’t mark there any more.

7. Soothe sore and achy muscles


After a big workout your muscles might be hurting, but the VapoRub will calm it right down while increasing blood circulation to the area to help it heal faster.
8. Get rid of bruising


Add a little pinch of salt to some VapoRub and cover a bruise with it to help it go back to normal.

9. Fade stretch marks


You don’t have to be afraid of stretchmarks. Chances are you will get some in your life, they just happen. If you are particularly afraid of them, you can rub VapoRub on the affected areas and because of the mixture of oils inside it will increase the moisture to a level that will prevent them and heal the ones that have already formed.

I can’t believe how many cool things VapoRub can do!
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