Two Teens Decided To Observe A Manhole. What They Saw There Was Shocking!


This story happened in the town of Flint, Michigan. Two boys, Tyler Price and his cousin, Eugene, were out for a walk when they saw a discarded sign on the ground.

When they flipped the sign over, they were shocked to see a living creature there!

He immediately said, ‘Dad, take my wallet – can you go to the store and get the dog some dog food and water?’
There was a dog! Someone has thrown the pit bull there and left to die! when the boys realized they couldn’t free the doggie, they called Tyler’s father, George.
However, George failed to pull the dog out, too. So, they waited for the animal rescue group called Streethearts to arrive. The rescuers managed to pull the doggie up.

The poor dog was so thin! Tyler was afraid the pooch would try to bite them, but he showed nothing but happiness for being rescued.

The pit bull was named Mars and he’s recovering very quickly.

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