Top 5 early 2018 costumes no one will remember in october


Wow, what a year 2018 has been for Halloween Costumes already! We have some amazing new front-runners for best costumes of the year, so we’re gonna go ahead and tell you how to get each look, even though you probably won’t because they will soon fade into obscurity!

BBQ Becky

BBQ Becky became famous for her racist 911 call when she happened upon a group of black people grilling in the designated grilling area of a park in Oakland, and waiting over two hours for the cops to show up. But if you show up looking like her in October, you’ll just look like a random white lady with a phone plugged into her fleece!

How to get the look (even though it will soon fade)

  • Southpole Juniors Long Sleeve Fleece Basic Hooded Zip Jacket ($19.99)
  • XLoop Men Women Hd High Definition Anti Glare Driving Sunglasses Wrap Sports Eye-wear ($7.50)
  • Apple iPhone 6s Plus with Lightning Cable ($549)
  • Speck CandyShell Grip Case Plus($10 used)
  • Rosette Large Chic Styling Hair Claw Clip Organic Glass Strong Holding Power Hair Clips Clamps Indoor
  • Outdoor Hair Grip Hairpins Hairgrip for Women and Girls Hair Barrettes For Thick Hair (Black) ($6.99)


Now that you’ll have everything you need to look like BBQ Becky, just try not to actually be racist, please!

Walmart Yodeling Kid

Walmart Yodeling Kid (Mason Ramsey) became famous back in April when someone captured him yodeling in the middle of a WalMart in Southern Illinois. Why did he do this? We don’t know!

The real question is, why would you go out for Halloween dressed as him without having THESE BEAUTIFUL PIPES!?

How to get the look (even though it will soon fade)

  • Men’s Long Sleeves Button Down Dress Shirt ($18.99)
  • Ydress Men’s Bow Tie Adjustable Length ($2.99)
  • Men Skinny Stretch Jeans ($19.95)
  • Mens Leather Belt Full Grain Vintage Distressed Style ($16.99)
  • Western Letter Y-Cowboy Rodeo Gold Large Belt Buckle ($9.47)
  • Men’s 10″ Ropers Round-toe Boot ($52.87)


Get ready for people to ask you to yodel, then get upset when you don’t do it or try your best and fail!

The Bhagwan

Born Chandra Mohan Jain, The Bhagwan was the leader of the Rajneesh movement (or, y’know, cult, if that’s how you wanna put it) featured in the hit Netflix doc series, Wild Wild Country. He normally didn’t wear red like all the other sannyasins, but it’ll make a lot more sense if you do. Then again, come October, if you dress like him you might just look like a Creepy Skinny Santa! Your call though!

How to get the look (even though it will soon fade)

  • Formal Long Sleeve Muslim Thobes Robe ($37.49)
  • Maroon Semi-Rigid Handmade Velveteen Kufi Hat Cap Crown ($9.99)
  • Extra Long Fake Grey Salt & Pepper Beard w/ Mustache ($13.95)
  • Hippie Indian Water Buffalo Jesus Sandals ($25.00)
  • Throne Le Fleur Chair ($1,595.00 + FREE SHIPPING!!!!)



It will be hard to lug this chair around everywhere you go, but hey, it was hard for all the Bhagwan’s assistants too, and they pulled it off EVERY DAY.

Change My Mind Guy

This asshole troll (Steven Crowder) set up shop on campus with a “Male Privilege Is A Myth | Change My Mind” sign and quickly became a meme. If you want to dress up like him but don’t want to be an asshole, you better find something even dumber to put on your poster! Here are some fun ideas from the internet.

You sat your smug ass down with this sign and didn’t get beaten up by a stranger or the cops. There’s your privilege.

How to get the look (even though it will soon fade)

  • Dumb haircut ($?)
  • Dumb mock turtleneck ($13.12)
  • Dumb custom vinyl banner full color ($16.99)
  • Dumb table($30.23)
  • Dumb custom mugs ($19.95)


Total disregard for reality is FREE!!!

Couples Costume: Elon Musk and Grimes

While Elon Musk and Grimes may each individually prove to be timeless Halloween costumes, the couples costume may not last for another few months. Of course, just like any of these, we’d love to be wrong.

Get the look (even though it will soon fade)

  • Elon Musk costume (Price varies depending on whether you will be dressed as Met Gala Elon, Tesla Elon, SpaceX Elon, The Boring Company Elon, or “Let’s All Go To Mars” Elon, which is similar to SpaceX Elon but more strung out)
  • Grimes costume (Price varies depending on whether or not you will be dressed as Met Gala Grimes, Normal Everyday Grimes, or Music Video Grimes — aw who are we kidding, that’s all pretty much the same costume)

Look, this is a couples costume, so we’re just telling you how to put them together. For the individual costumes, you’re on your own. Sorry!