Tiny Kittens Found Abandoned On The Street Held On To Each Other And Refused To Let Go


When Bane and Ines, two tiny orphaned kittens, were found on the streets and finally taken to safety, their rescuers knew these two were special. Since they only had each other when things were rough for them, they became really close and just didn’t like being without each other.

The poor kittens had bad health issues and were covered in fleas and parasite. Luckily, they were able to make a fast and successful recovery but even so, their bond was already unbreakable and when they were put up for adoption, it was clear they couldn’t be adopted separately.

Things turned out for the best tho, because Bane and Ines get to be buddies for life! The two found a forever home together, where they get to cuddle, sleep, eat and play as much as they want.