Times dogs proved they understand unconditional love better than humans do


Having a dog is a godsend for many families. Not only are dogs loyal, but they can also often sense how you are feeling. They do this by reading your overall body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions. Most dogs respond to our moods in different ways, depending on whether we are happy or sad, but mainly they show unconditional love for their owners.
When a person is sad, a dog usually cuddles up with that person in an attempt to sympathize with them and even make them feel better, in some cases. If a person is sick or incapacitated, many dogs will stay steadfast by their side, keeping watch.

If a person is happy or exuberant, a dog will, more than likely, join in with a cheerful disposition, celebrating with their owner or a loved family member. Regardless of their owner’s mood, dogs have a connection with people they are close with. These photos highlight dogs showing us just what unconditional love is … and it’s amazing!

1) Puppy Love

Here is a man and his puppy. You can see the love on the puppy’s face as the man holds him close and gives him a hug. Like many animals, dogs see a person for who they are and not so much according to their social status, as this puppy obviously does for his homeless owner.


2) Birthday Dog

All this woman’s father wanted was to be with the family dog for his birthday. And while it looks like the dad is totally devoted to the family pet, it also looks like the dog is just as devoted to him as well.


3) Loyalty

Here is another dog living with his homeless owner on the street. It seems like his owner has made sure to acquire everything he needs to care for his dog, including some food, a brush for his hair, and a toy for him to play with. Most importantly, it looks like he is also providing the love needed to raise a pet.


4) Sleeping Together

Here’s another example of a little baby and a puppy growing up together. Here they lie, asleep together. They look so innocent. They have no idea what the world will throw at them later on in life, but I think they will be OK as long as they have each other.


5) Sleeping Partner

Here is another photo of a dog and his master living on the street. It seems like their relationship is mutually beneficial as they keep warm in each other’s arms. This dog could just leave this situation and find somewhere else to live, but has instead decided to stick by its owner through thick and thin.


6) Pregnant

While you wouldn’t think a dog could understand if someone was pregnant or not, even if you told them, this dog seems to sense that something is up. Look at how loving he is around the expectant mother. Maybe he can feel the little heartbeat with his paw and so he knows.


7) My Best Friend

Here is a photo of a man sharing his umbrella with his dog. Look how comfortable the dog is laying in his owner’s arms. I bet they go everywhere together having fun adventures on the streets of whatever city they live in.


8) Puppy Pillow

This little girl is using her doggie companion as a pillow, but it doesn’t seem that she minds. She is content to lay there and let her little friend snuggle close. She better enjoy it while she can because when the little girl gets older, she may not have the time for such snuggling.


9) The Hug

You can just see the love between this dog and her owner. Looking at this picture, I get the feeling that these two are loyal to each other regardless of what life throws at them.


10) The New Friend

This baby is lucky; only three days old and she already has a friend. I find it amusing that this dog is staring intently as if he does not know what to make of the little human before him.


11) Hospital Stay

Here is another dog at the hospital with its sick owner. Sometimes the only thing that will make you feel better when you are sick is to have your pet by your side. The comfort they can bring is amazing, and, as you can see by this picture, a pet’s love is unconditional.


12) Bag of Toys

Here’s Eddie and his bag of toys. A therapy dog at a local Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Eddie is never without it, carrying it faithfully down the hallways wherever he goes. The kids in this unit are lucky to have such a loving and loyal companion to help entertain them.


13) Look Into My Eyes

The look this dog is giving his owner is unmistakable. He loves her, and she knows it. Not every dog will sit there in the snow and sit quietly. And I am sure that she loves him just as much.


14) The Broken Leg

This man’s wife had a broken leg. Unfortunately, no one can get near it. Their dog looks ready to do what he must to keep everyone away from her injured leg. I wonder what will happen when she has to go to the doctor to get the cast removed.


15) Walking Together

Here’s a dog and his little friend as they walk down a wooded path. It looks like she has a good companion in this wolf half-breed. I am curious as to whether this dog has been with her since she was a baby and is now her friend for life?



Source shareably.net