This Woman Has Lived In A Forest For 18 Years! You Will Be Surprised To See Her Housing


There is always someone who has abandoned our society for a live a different lifestyle in the woods or in a cave, right? Whatever the reason is for their choice, it must be a very strong one, as is the case of Emma Orbach, who has been living for 18 years in the middle of a forest.


Emma lives in the mountains of Wales in a hut made of mud, straw and wood, and feeds exclusively on food from the trees and from what her chickens and goats provide her. But Emma is far from being excluded from society. The truth is that all the light, pollution and stress of modern life drove her crazy.


She spends her days taking care of the vegetable garden and her animals, while at night she stands near her stove calmly cooking and playing her flute. Could you live like this?