This Puppy Had Been Abandoned In The Park Because He Was Different… But The Couple Saved Him!


This puppy Petey was left to die in a park with his brother because he was different. A woman from Sacramento, California, saw the dogs while she was walking home with her son and immediately brought them to the vet. They were starved and cold. Unfortunately, Petey’s brother died upon his arrival at the clinic, but Petey decided to fight for his life.

Pretty soon, the vets noticed that something was different, that this puppy couldn’t move properly. It turned out that Petey suffered from cerebellar hypoplasia, a neurologic condition meaning that his cerebellum wasn’t entirely developed. It can be caused by genetic infections through the mother during developement.

However, Petey is a very playful dog: « He is crawling, curious and cute », said Westphal-Thomson, the doggy’s adoptive mom. « He’s also very confident and likes to meet new people … »

He learned to eat by himself, and he likes to run and to be cuddled. The abandoned puppy was soon adopted by a loving couple who absolutely adores him and who will never leave him because of his difference.





Cerebellar Hypoplasia Pup

Our puppy found in the rain came in for a check up yesterday.He is still wobbly and showing neurological signs, leading us to believe he may have cerebellar hypoplasia (often found in cats/kittens). He will remain in foster care for a few more weeks while we get him large enough for neuter, then we will work on finding him a special home!

Posted by Sacramento SPCA on Donnerstag, 15. Dezember 2016