This Man Took A Stroller Without A Baby To A Park. You Won’t Hold Your Tears, When You Find Out Why!


Troy Griffin would often take a long evening walk with a stroller in a local park. The tall, balding man would enjoy the chirping of the birds, the laughter of kids, the fresh air, the powerful smell of the greenery and the calmness of the place. Whenever he saw a fine spot to sit and have a picnic, he stopped and took off a blanket.


Troy seemed like a dedicated dad, with one exception: there was no kid in a stroller. Instead, there was somebody quite different in shape and much more vulnerable and helpless than an ordinary toddler.


It was Troy’s 12-year-old dog Maximillian. The beautiful golden retriever was disabled due to his solid age. He couldn’t walk and could barely see. But he still retained a very good sense of smell, which told everything about his surroundings.


After a dozen years spent with Max, Troy paid back the gift of loyalty and unconditional love he’s enjoyed. His caring for an old friend is priceless.