This Man Heard Some Teenagers Laughing In A Restaurant Bathroom, And What He Discovered Was SHOCKING


We’ll all become old one day, but some people forget that and treat elderly people in a disrespectful way.

A man named Marcus was at his favorite restaurant, when all of a sudden he heard loud laughing coming from the bathroom. The laughs didn’t stop, so Marcus got up and went to the bathroom to see what was going on.


When he arrived in the bathroom, he realized the situation itself wasn’t funny at all. Some teenagers were mercilessly making fun of an old man who was crying because he couldn’t get off of the toilet by himself.

Marcus didn’t think it was funny at all and approached the cubicle, ready to help the old man. The man explained that he had left his cane outside and so couldn’t get up. Marcus promised to help him. The old man, ashamed and with tears in his eyes, opened the door and the young man lifted up his pants, closed his belt and helped him out.


The grateful old man hugged Marcus, who made the group of teenagers apologize for their disgusting behavior.

Marcus is, without a doubt, a great example of empathy, nobility and solidarity. The world needs more people like him.