This man crept into an abandoned funeral home with a camera. After just a few steps, he saw something he wishes he could forget.


This Alabama funeral home was built in 1992. But apparently it didn’t succeed so the owner just abandoned it, complete with everything inside left as it was.

One fearless (and very curious) man decided to go exploring with a friend. They took a camera and a flashlight to investigate what was really inside this eerie building.

They came across a series of coffins prepared to lie in state. When the man opened them, all he saw was the white lining.
3-43Then they crept farther, discovering the embalming room that must once have been filled with the chemicals needed to prepare corpses for burial.

Passing through a curtained doorway, they entered a huge space lined with metal racks that went right up to the ceiling. This is where coffins — some just simple wooden boxes — could be shelved. Peeping into one, they found the bones of someone who must have been lying there at the abandoned funeral home for many years.

Check out the video they made of their illicit tour through this creepy place.
Warning: This video contains images that some viewers may find disturbing.

Soon after they posted the video on Youtube, a fence appeared around the property with 24-hour security. All the human remains they’d found at the forgotten undertaker’s were also finally laid to rest in a cemetery.