This Guy Fishes For The First Time, He Cannot Believe His Eyes, When He Sees What Comes Out!


This lucky man was looking only for fun when he joined his friends on the fishing trip to Alberta, Canada. The lakes of that area are a home to an abundance of northern pike that offer great sport all year long, so the anglers knew where to go for ice fishing in the winter. However, the main character of the video didn‘t know anything about fishing – he thought he would be just watching his friends pulling fish out of the holes in the ice.

But very soon after he dropped his hook into the water, a real miracle occurred! He felt how someone very strong and heavy was pulling his line, so he asked his friends what to do. The guys rushed to help the “fish in fishing”.

They all dropped their jaws when they saw the head of the creature – it was so huge! But they were in total shock when the pike was pulled out to the ice surface. The experienced fishermen have never seen such a giant in their lives! Watch the video below to see how the guys were pulling the amazing trophy.