This Greyhound Bus Was Turned Into A Mobile Home, And OMG It’s So Cute


This is Jessie Lipskin. She’s dreamed of having a tiny home for a long time.


«I grew up in Manhattan, so smaller square footage and limited space have never been an issue for me,» she told Apartment Therapy. «I’ve always been very organized and love the idea of holding onto only what you really need. For me, that mainly includes things that hold sentimental value, particularly items that were handed down to me from my family.»

And here is her dream come true, a Greyhound bus that she converted into the cutest freakin’ home I’ve ever seen!!!!


This is what the inside of the 1966 GMC Commuter Greyhound looked like before Lipskin got her hands on it.


Lipskin bought the bus on eBay, and even though it still runs and is fully functional, Lipskin told Apartment Therapy that it’s too big for her to drive on her own.

And this is what it looks like after three years of blood, sweat, and Benjamin Moore paint.


*extremely Jonathan Van Ness voice* CAN YOU BELIEVE?????


Lipskin even gave the outside of the bus a lil’ facelift, because she understands the «If you don’t like it, paint it white» theory of decor.


She included some lovely personal touches, like a mini library next to her bed.


Vintage and antique fixtures and art were sprinkled throughout to break up the clean white lines.


And she also created some closet space, because even tiny homes should have storage.


Lipskin did much of the work herself, but she did splurge on having a master carpenter do custom woodwork throughout her home.


And even though the bathroom is predictably small, it does have a full shower and a trendy round mirror.


Despite all of her hard work, Lipskin is now selling her pride and joy on Craigslist. Why, you ask? Because she thinks it’s too big!


«I work remotely, and have the opportunity to travel internationally for a while, which I want to experience in full,» she told Apartment Therapy. «After that I’d love to return to tiny home life, something a bit more manageable for me to drive on my own—a Sprinter conversion or a towed Airstream trailer.»»

Uh who wants to go on a dream tiny house with me?