This Girl Sings With A Famous Singer. You’ll Be Amazed By Her Performance!


Amira Willighagen is a 9 year-old girl who was discovered in the “Incredible Talent” show in the Netherlands. We have already seen many other talents thanks to that show, but some remain really impressive. This girl’s talent and voice are really incredible. She sings like an opera singer and has a great future ahead of her! Soon after the show, she started to give concerts and her talent allowed her to become quite popular.

This concert took place in South Africa where she was invited to sing along famous singer Patrizio Franco Buanne. Together, they perform the song O Sole Mio and it is so beautiful! Having started his singing career for over 20 years, the singer is world famous. He heard about this extraordinary girl and he invited her to sing a duet with him. Their duet is so perfect that we tend to forget that next to the famous singer stands a girl aged only 9 years old. At the end of the song, Patrizio Franco gets on his knees to show his respect and admiration for the young girl.