This Farmer Asked People Not To Park On His Property. They Ignored Him, So He Did THIS


This man, named Pavao Bedekovic is an ordinary farmer from Croatia who has a solid strip of land and wants to grow corn on it. But unfortunately, his property is located near a large flea market. So, every Sunday visitors and vendors park their cars on his land despite Pavao’s pleas not to do this. One Sunday many people, as usual, continued to ignore the farmer’s warning but that time Pavao decided to teach them a good lesson. He just started to prepare his land to plant corn.

The angry man came through with his tractor and began to plow the ground between two rows of parked vehicles. More than 50 cars were stuck on his property, and some drivers even called the police. But the authorities said they could do nothing because it was private property, so Pavao could do whatever he wanted with his own land.

What a perfect revenge! Pavao is right in this situation. And what do you think? Maybe it was too much?
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