This Dog And Cat Just Can’t Get Enough Of Each Other


Have you ever had a cat and a dog that were the very best of friends? It’s certainly not out of the question, as these sweet creatures usually don’t give a hoot what species their cuddle buddies are.

These cats and dogs are all simply happy to have a furry, warm body by their sides. Just like us, cats and dogs are social creatures that need love and affection from others.

Who is your favorite cuddle buddy? Is it your cat or dog? Your spouse? Your grandchildren? No matter who it is, make sure you give them an extra hug today to let them know that their companionship is appreciated!

We could all take a cue from these sweet fur babies not having a care in the world what their friends look like.

You know that this pup won’t understand why the cat shrunk once she gets older.

Nap time is better with a friend.
«Don’t you dare, she’s my friend!»

It really doesn’t matter what your friends look like!
The kitties look a little more interested than the pooch, but it’s still very sweet.
Camouflage is important while cuddling.

Matching pink bellies to boot!