This Chart Shows What You Should Weigh Based On Your Age, Body Shape, And Height


Nowadays, people are more and more being conscious about the ‘ideal weight’, when in fact, it should be ‘healthy weight’. However, if you come to search about it across the Internet, you will know that these two are related, and you will also be confused as you will find a lot of versions of this ‘healthy weight’.26

It is important that all of us maintain a healthy weight. Why? Because our bodies are designed to function perfectly in relation to our weight. There is this certain weight that we must have, and if there will be excess, chances are high that we will get a lot of health problems. Some of these include heart strain, joint fatigue, hormonal imbalances and Type II Diabetes. Not only that. A woman’s weight, or any other weight also connects to a person’s societal expectations and self-appreciation.

However, it is an issue on how media tries to convince people that the ideal weight equals being thin.This leads to poor diet and over-exertion on the part of the person who wants to attain that weight. In fact, the healthy weight should be based on your personal aspect, and not any other person’s definition of it.

This is why Healthy Life Land came out with a chart that provides an honest guideline to your weight and health. Looking at it, you will see that it takes into consideration a woman’s height and body shape to know the healthy weight.

How to achieve this? Live a healthy life and stop living up to the expectations of the public. Appreciate your own beauty and strive to keep your body strong. That way, you will also feel that you are getting your ideal weight, the healthy way.