This Brain Teaser Will Tell You How Good You Are At Math. Just 1% Of People Can Solve It!


A new math challenge is spreading online which isn’t easy to solve. The solution requires you to have sharp eyesight. It’s so complicated that 99% of people who attempt it, can’t get the right answer. Will you be part of the 1%?

In the image, you can see four lines with mathematical operations. The first three have a result, but the last is unknown. The big challenge is to find the final result.

If you couldn’t solve it, American mathematician Presh Talwalkar has revealed the explication of the brain teaser in his blog — ‘Mind Your Decisions’. Pay attention:

1. Identify the difference in the figures on the last line: the clock show’s two o’clock instead of three, there are 3 bananas in each bunch instead of 4. In addition, the geometric shape has a total of 11 lines, because it’s missing the inner square.

2. We know that the 3 figures on the first line are equal to 45, thus each figure is equal to 15. However, each figure consists of a hexagon, a pentagon, and a square: 15 lines that add up to a total of 15. Each line is equal to one.

3. Now, the bananas. 2 bunches of 4 bananas each, plus the figure (equal to 15) are added to make 23. Hence, 2 bunches of 4 bananas each are equal to 8. Therefore, one bunch of 4 bananas is equal to 4 and 1 banana is equal to 1.

4. Now, we have a bunch of 4 bananas (equal to 4), plus two clocks that read 3 o’clock, equal to a total of 10. This means that the two clocks that read 3 o’clock together equal 6. One clock showing 3 o’clock is equal to 3, so each is equal to one.



5. On the fourth line, the clock shows two o’clock, so its value is 2. There are three bananas on each bunch. The shape has 11 lines, thus it’s equal to 11.



To reach the final result, we just have to perform this operation:



2 + 3 + 3 × 11 = 2 + 3 + 33 = 38.

The result is 38, and only those who are very gifted at math will arrive at the correct result. It was really hard!