This Beautiful Color Test Will Reveal What Type Of Intelligence You Have


You are about to take a QUIZ that will present you with a series of very colorful images, some without color, and some that evoke a feeling. You will be asked which color pops out at you first, what color you would insert to a black and white image, and what feelings certain photographs evoke.

COLOR PSYCHOLOGY studies how color perception effects human behavior, by creating different types of perceptual abilities and level and TYPE OF INTELLIGENCE. How we perceive things in our world involves the identification and interpretation of color, which signals our nervous system, and thus our behavior. There is a universal quality that colors have across cultures; it is a nonverbal language that influences not only how we feel, but how we behave as it stimulates our bodies and minds.

This being said, you will find a high degree of validity in how your answers to this QUIZ, lead to a conclusion of your TYPE OF INTELLIGENCE that is most DOMINANT. Perhaps you have INTERPERSONAL INTELLIGENCE which is reflective of a high degree of awareness of others, which results in an exceptional capacity to read them accurately. You tend to be an extravert, empathetic and socially wise.

On the other hand, you might have LOGICAL-MATHEMATICAL INTELLIGENCE, demonstrating a rational approach to situations, and strong conceptual and abstract reasoning ability. Perhaps you have INTRAPERSONAL INTELLIGENCE which unlike interpersonal intelligence, exhibits an exceptional degree of self awareness. Have fun taking the quiz and let us know if the analysis of your answers resonates with how you see yourself.


«It is not how smart you are, it is how you are smart.» -Howard Gardner Everyone is intelligent, just in their own ways. What’s yours?