This Baby Was Born Without A Nose, But With A Strong Heart And Beautiful Smile!


There are times when nature surprises us and allows us to get to know truly extraordinary people, who show us the extent of human will power to live and enjoy life.

One of those people is Eli Thompson, a baby from Alabama who surprised everyone when he was born. Eli was born completely healthy but with a tiny problem: he had no nose.


The doctors were just as surprised as his mother, Brandi McGlathery, about Eli’s condition, which occurs in 1 out of every 197 million people and is known as arrinia or congenital arhinia.


In fact, Eli’s only problem is a lack of nostrils since he has the corresponding nasal cavities. At 5 days old he had a tracheotomy that was needed to help him breathe more easily, and will continue to have reconstructive surgery to help relieve his nasal cavities and have his own nose.


Yes, Eli and his mom have gone through some setbacks regarding his health, but Eli recovers quickly and is a very happy and healthy boy. A true example showing us that we don’t need to be like everybody else to be happy or beautiful.