This 258-Square-Feet Apartment Looks So Tiny, But Wait Until You See What Is Hidden Inside


When a man, named Christian Schallert bought this flat, his mother thought he went crazy. The woman believed it was a bad decision because you had to climb 100 steps just to get to that flat. And that was not all. The apartment was only 258 square feet. This place had no ceiling and the whole apartment needed to be completely renovated. No one would like to live there, but Christian knew that he wanted to do in this flat. His efforts were not in vain, and moreover, the transformation is incredible.

At first sight, the apartment seems to be completely empty. But its walls hide many secrets, so when the owner begins opening the cabinets, it becomes clear that this apartment is fully equipped. It has all amenities you need and even more.

Christian’s friend says that this apartment is like Lego for adults and it is difficult to disagree. Watch the video below to see the amazing apartment for yourself and share it with all your friends. Would you like to live in a place like this?