They Took Their Camera To A Remote Location In Greenland. What They Captured Was Frightening…


Glacier movement is fascinating and frightening sight at the same time. Huge masses of ice rush down and bury everything living, sometimes even destroy entire houses and settlements.

In May 2008, Adam Levinter and Jeff Orlowski managed to capture a historic moment of Ilulissat glacier movement in western Greenland. It is the largest glacier of all that was ever captured by human. It was about 5 kilometers wide and 1000 meters high, with the surface part being only 100–200 meters. The movement continued for 75 minutes.

This frightening and fascinating video has received 30 awards at various festivals around the world. There were a Sundance Film Festival in 2012 and the Best Documentary by the International Press Association awards among them.

To understand the enormity of this phenomenon, watch the video up to 4:10 minutes.

The glacier movement is one of the most destructive natural phenomena. Please, share this interesting video.