They Removed The Music From “We Are The Champions” And Only Left Freddie’s Voice. It’s Amazing!


Sometimes to fully appreciate somebody’s voice you need to hear it without background music, back vocals and other sounds. Only then you can distinguish all the tiny nuances of voice that are usually covered with other effects. The stronger voice is, the more pleasant it is to hear it without accompaniment.

The Queen is a legendary band that is popular for the epic performances and a voice of the leader that nobody can match until now. Many fans around the world can confirm this fact. But have you ever heard the voice itself?

Not long after Mercury’s Birthday date they removed all the music from the classic song “We Are The Champions”, so in the video below you can only hear Freddie’s voice. No doubts that it is something you can enjoy!

Rasplove this video with everybody who likes this great singer. It might open yet another new horizon about him.