They Left These Beautiful Dogs To Freeze And Starve On The Street. No One Stopped To Help Until This Happened!


Many people cannot afford to have pets. Some of them haven’t enough time, the others haven’t enough money. But the worst situation is when people decide to get rid of their pets, for example, dogs, because it is too expensive to take care of them.

This social experiment demonstrates two sweet Huskies, abandoned on the street. The guys tied them up and wrote a sign to find new owners for these dogs. The main question was how the people of New York city would react. Would they help? They set up a hidden camera near this place and began to film.

I am sure you will be shocked when you see the people’s reaction. Most of the strangers just ignore the dogs. Some of them stop to take a photo or pet the pups. One bad guy even spits on one of the dogs! But, please, wait until something incredible happens at the end of the experiment!