They Laughed At Him For Buying An Abandoned Warehouse…Until They Saw What Was Inside


All the decisions we make in life are important, but some are obviously more important — they change the course of our lives forever.

This story tells about a man who made a decision which changed not only his life, but that of his whole family.

Tom Cotter lived in New York and worked in commerce. After many years, he decided to retire. When he was young he traveled to Portugal and from that moment on, he knew that one day his destiny would be to move there, so when he retired, he didn’t hesitate to move.


His new home was huge, although it had been abandoned for 15 years. The house also had a warehouse which was also abandoned and nobody had even opened it for many years.


When Tom opened the warehouse he found a collection of cars valued in the millions of dollars. Apparently, the previous owner was a wealthy car collector, but his debts forced him to sell the property with everything, including the cars.


Among the cars found were Aston Martins, Mercedes, Lotus, a Ford Cortina MK2 and several Alfa Romeos. Cotter couldn’t believe it, it was like finding the treasure at the end of the rainbow, especially since he had paid a fraction of the real value of the property.


Several of the cars have been restored and, between Cotter and his grandchildren, they have been sold for crazy amounts of money.


What could Cotter have done in his past life to have such good luck in this one?