They Invited A Street Urchin Inside The Shop To Get Warm. The Next Day He Made Them Burst Into Tears


This story took place last summer. At that time, I was working in a make up store. Every day, I saw a teenage boy sitting next to the store. He looked to be not older than 12 years old. Every day, he was sitting and begging for money. And then one day, it turned out to be especially rainy and cold. But the boy was still sitting in the rain, the weather didn‘t scare him.


My colleagues and I decided to let him inside the shop to get warm. We fed him and gave him some hot tea. You know, many people disdain beggars, considering them scammers, but this boy turned out to be surprisingly kind, friendly and open. His name was Kostia. Kostia said that he lives with his grandmother, that his left the family, and his mother died. He also has an older sister, but she got married and moved to another city. He stayed with us in the back room until the store was the closing. Then, he went home.

Of course, the next day the boy appeared at the shop again. But this time, he was holding something in his hands. That was two buns, a small pack of juice and some sunflower seeds. He greeted us and handed the theats to us. He said:

“That’s all I have to thank you …”

I don‘t know how I managed not tu cry at that moment. A lump was stuck in my throat. Immediately, I remembered the words: “He who has less, gives more.” And that‘s what it is.