They found him dumped in a box outside. Now he brings comfort to shelter cats who are just like him


A Good Samaritan came across a litter of tiny newborn kittens by a gas station. Without hesitation, he got the kittens and brought them to Animals in Distress Rescue Center in Ipplepen, United Kingdom, to try and save them.


The kittens were so tiny and young that their umbilical cords were still attached. It’s unknown who left the kittens there, but they were dumped there alone in a box.


The staff worked round the clock to care for these kittens and do their best to keep them alive. Without their mother’s milk, staff knew the kittens may not survive because they had no immunity and weren’t strong enough to fight off an infection. They didn’t give up, but despite their best efforts, just one of the kittens survived.


That one survivor is Champ. As the days went by, Champ grew bigger and stronger. As soon as he learned to walk on his own, he was become very adventurous. Staff bottle-fed him for weeks until he was able to eat on his own and eventually was even able to eat solids.

It was then that Champ realized he wasn’t the only cat at the shelter. Once he saw the other kitties there, he wanted to visit them. He became curious and would go up to the glass windows, trying to play with them.


Although Champ was much younger and smaller, he had one big thing in common with the other cats there: they were all given a second chance at life and are now looking for their forever homes.


Now, Champ always loves walking down the hall to visit all of the other cats. The cats paw the window in return to greet the tiny kitten. It is like Champ is trying to give them his support.


In the video below, you can see Champ meeting a cat named Thomas William, who is extremely happy to be in Champ’s presence.

Champ meets Thomas William 😀 <3#AnimalsinDistress #RescueCat

Posted by Animals in Distress on Donnerstag, 6. Oktober 2016

“Champ is becoming a mascot for our rescue organization,” Rowana Rowan, fundraising and communications officer at Animals in Distress told The Dodo. “We are very proud of him, and it is something of a miracle that he survived at all.”


Being the most popular kitty in the shelter can be exhausting! Champ always enjoys his naps after visiting his new friends! You can stay updated on Champ and the other cats at Animals in Distress by visiting their Facebook page.