These world record cats have gone missing after fire destroyed their home


Two world renown stars have gone missing from southeastern Michigan, and not even the Vollbrecht Planetarium can help relocate them.

Cats Arcturus and Cygnus, claiming the Guiness World Records titles of tallest and longest, respectively, likely escaped their Farmington Hills home before it was destroyed in a fire on Sunday, Nov. 12. Their humans, Will and Lauren Powers, escaped safely, as well.

But since then, the cats have been missing.

Lauren and Will Powers with Arcturus and Cygnus.

“I awoke to alarms and was already far too late,” Will Powers told MLive. “I tried to save the cats but couldn’t find them before I was overcome with smoke.”

Arcturus and Cygnus are assumed to have run outside. The Powers believe their third cat died in the fire.


Arcturus was named the tallest cat in the world for a generous height of over 20 inches. Cygnus’s tail is more than 17 inches long. What’s even more remarkable is that both cats live under the same roof.


Both cats were recognized by Guinness World Records earlier this year for their super-feline features. Meanwhile, the Powers have been able to translate their pets’ popularity into attention for their Ferndale, Mich., shelter.

We wish the best to the Powers as they rebuild. Anyone with information on where Arcturus or Cygnus may be found should contact the Ferndale Pet Shelter.

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