These Orange Balls Can Be Found In Many Japanese Shops, But Few Foreigners Know What They’re For!


Foreigners who come to Japan for the first time are astonished by many things. Many things in the country look very different from what we’re used to seeing on a daily basis. Here’s one of them. It’s rather tricky I warn you! Take a look at the picture below. There are a couple of bright orange balls in the picture below.


What are they for? Here’s a hint: they are filled with bright paint, usually orange, and placed near the cash register in a shop.


Here’s another hint: store staff is trained to throw them! Still no idea? These are anti-crime balls!


They are made to tackle the shop robberies. A cashier throws a ball at a thief. The ball explodes, covering the criminal with bright paint, which enables the police to easily identify him and arrest! The balls also act like intimidation to potential burglars. A great idea isn’t it?