These are the 15 signs that hint at you being watched over by an angel


When we experience something supernatural, we have a tendency to think that we are being haunted by ghosts. It can be scary to face something you don’t have any knowledge about. It can be a troublesome experience, especially if it happens to you frequently.


But there are times when we feel like the presence we’re in is a lot more loving and caring than sinister. People often associate this light feeling with being in the presence of a guardian angel or an angel. An angel is a spiritual being that looks out for a person’s well-being. Some people believe that it is the spirit of a recently deceased loved one who is guiding you and looking after you. Here is how you know that you are being watched over by a guardian angel-

1. White feathers

The first sign that you are being guided by an angel is the appearance of white feathers. You will start finding feathers in absurd places. This is a way by which your guardian angel is telling you that they are close by. They make their presence known when you feel lonely or are experiencing a very emotionally difficult time.

2. Temperature change

When you feel a sudden shift in the temperature of the room, you are being visited by your guardian angel. A supernatural presence has the ability to harness the energy around them, often converting the temperature around them. It can be indicated by a sudden chill in the air or sudden warmth.

3. Seeing Orbs

A sudden manifestation of a bright orb or a light can indicate the presence of an angel. You mostly can find the presence of orbs when you take a picture. Normally, these orbs go unnoticed by the human eye, but pictures can give you an idea of how strong of an angelic presence you have in your home.

4. Heightened Senses

If you have a knack for being sensitive to impending dangers, or if you have a knack for avoiding bad situations or moments, this is your guardian angel guiding you. For example: when you decide to take a different route to work, and then later learn that there was a fatal accident on the same road. There’s a good chance that your angel nudged a hunch into your heart to avoid that route.

5. Hearing Voices

You may hear your name being called out, or you may hear someone singing for you. There’s no pinpointing where this is coming from, as sometimes it feels like it’s coming from all around you. Don’t be startled by it, it’s just your guardian angel trying to communicate with you.

6. Vivid dreams

Guardian angels often make their appearances in people’s dreams. It is the best way they communicate with you. It’s not always that they appear in an ‘angelic’ form, but rather show themselves as people you have never seen in your life and yet you feel comforted by their presence in your dream.

7. Finding coins

People say that finding a penny on the ground is good luck, and this, it is. If you find coins often, your guardian angel is letting you know that they are around. This is to make you feel protected and safe, especially when you find them in specific spots.

8. Rainless Rainbows

Rainbows usually appear when the sky is cloudy or just after it rains. But if you spot a rainbow in a clear sky, it’s a sign that your angel is watching over you. Rainbows that appear without rain are a sign that your guardian angel is watching over you.

9. Cloud Shapes

Guardian angels show you signs that they are around you and are using a lot of signs. One of these is with clouds. If you happen to look at the sky and you spot a shape that is very familiar to you, this is a sign that your guardian angel is looking down on you and keeping a watchful eye on you.

10. Babies and Pets

Babes and pets have a higher chance of seeing angels. Sometimes, you may see your dog intensely staring at a spot, or a baby giggle at something unknown. There’s a chance that you are in the presence of an angel during these times.

11. Scents and Perfumes

There are the most telling signs that an angel is nearby. When you smell something pleasant, like roses or jasmines, or even incense. Pleasant smells that you can’t really pinpoint shows that an angel is close by and letting you know of their presence.

12. Special Numbers

You may find an occurrence of the number 11 in most places you go. There are certain numbers that are known as angel numbers. You may see the number ‘3’ in a series or the number ’11’ in a series. These are all connected to angels.

13. The feeling of being watched over

When you have a hunch about someone watching you or following you, it usually turns out to be correct. But there are times when you feel someone’s presence even when you’re alone. This is usually the sign on an angel’s presence.

14. Abundance in your life
Source: Pixabay

It may seem like you have too much of a good thing sometimes. You may get a promotion, or maybe you’ve been winning a lot of lucky draws. Or maybe your refrigerator is always brimming with meals. When we experience certain abundance in life, it’s all thanks to our guardian angel.

15. Signs in nature
You may spot a friendly face in lush foliage, or maybe animals have suddenly found you to be very loving. They are mostly signs from your angel who is looking out for you.

These guardian angels are a sign of a higher spiritual presence. If you are experiencing any of these signs, you’re being watched over by an angel.