Their Dance Teacher Blinked For 3 Seconds And They Became An Internet Sensation


The nightmare of any teacher is that, during the few seconds you blink to take a breath, one or more of your students find a new and disastrous way to get into trouble.


Although that’s not exactly what happens in this video, this dance teacher decided to take a break during a lesson with two of her most talented students, but the kids couldn’t stay still, and ended up doing something sensational.


The protagonists of this video are Beberly Devers and Kevin Tellez, 6 and 7 years old respectively, world salsa champions in 2014, and who have traveled the world, showcasing their dance skills.



Because of the agility and skill of this couple, it gives the impression that we’re watching a fast motion camera, but in fact, we’re not even watching an official dance routine, just a rehearsal while on their world tour with the International Salsa Congress.


Here you can see the whole video: