The ultimate guide to house plants: Top 8 must-haves


House plants are the ultimate addition to any decor nowadays. From cacti to succulents to good old spider plants — potted plants are the ultimate trend. But, while you might be drooling over glossy magazines featuring homes turned into their own little greenhouse jungles, this trend does require some upkeep.
You can’t just string plants all over the house and not care for them — they need varying amounts of water, sunlight, and attention. So before you invest in your own house plants, or to prevent drooping and withering in the ones you have, you should read this list.
We’ve found the ultimate easy-to-care-for plants for each room, why they’re good for it, and what you need to do to keep them pretty:

The bathroom
While we would all love a big tub that overlooks a breathtaking view, when it comes down to it most bathrooms are pretty dark and definitely humid. For that reason, a very specific type of plant will do best to liven up this space.

1. The broadleaf lady palm: This plant thrives in low light and loves all that hot, humid air from the shower. Plus, it will make you feel like you’re showering in an outdoor tropical oasis. And Country Living says because of the humid air, you also only need to water this palm 2-3 times a week. It doesn’t get easier than that.


2. Aloe vera: If you’re lucky enough to have a little natural light in your bathroom the aloe vera plant is great for you. Natural Living Ideas says this plant will thrive in the humidity, so much so, you might not even need to water it. Plus, it only needs a little sunlight to keep it healthy.

The bedroom
The bedroom is for rest and relaxation, and your plants should emit the same laid-back vibe. And while the bedroom might have more light than the bathroom, you probably want to put your pretty plant on a shelf or right on the nightstand where you can admire it. Here are the best plants for the most relaxing room in your home.

3. Snake plant: This plant is the definition of low maintenance. Country Living explains you only need to water it a couple times a month, and even less in the winter. The snake plant also only needs minimal sunlight, so just open the shades and place it on the dresser to admire from afar.

4. Lavender: If you’re the type of person who likes to dribble a few drops of essential oil on your pillow before bed, this is the plant for you. With lavender in the bedroom, you can fall asleep to this incredibly relaxing and aromatic smell. Is there really anything better than that? Lavender doesn’t require a lot of water, but it does need the sun. So, HGTV notes to only water once you notice the soil is dry and keep it tucked on a windows sill.


The living room
When choosing a plant for the living room you want something effortless and pretty — something that you can admire on the shelf, and not have to get up from the comfortable couch to water all that often. Here’s what you should choose and how to care for it.

5. Spider plant: This plant will do great in a living room because you can admire its long leaves from afar and it doesn’t need a ton of care. Water it every two to three days and keep it out of indirect light — like on the bookshelf.


6. Philodendron: Elle says what’s great about this plant is that it is easy to read. If it’s turning yellow, it needs less sunlight. If it is sprouting small leaves, it needs liquid fertilizer. Keep the topsoil dry and this plant will be happy — that means it doesn’t need to be watered all that much. Plus, just look at this beauty. Those big leaves will look amazing up on a bookshelf or against the wall.

The kitchen
When you’re in the kitchen you should be focusing on the food, not the plants. Choose plants that are pretty and easy to care for so that if you get busy and forget to water it for a few days it’s no big deal.

7. African violet: Since everything else in your house is lush and green, it’s time to add a pop of color. The African violet has flowers with a stunning purple hue, it will love the light on your window sill, and Country Living says it only needs to be watered every couple of days — just be sure to keep the soil moist.


8. Rosemary: This herb not only smells amazing and looks spriggy and pretty, it’s delicious. Rosemary only needs a little bit of water, just be sure the soil never completely dries out. Other than that, this herb will thrive in your window sill above your sink.

Bonus graphic of houseplants and the easiest ones to keep alive: