The shape of your feet reveals a lot about your personality and your ancestry


DNA can help determine a lot of things about your past history and your bloodline. But the shape of our feet can also tell us a lot about our pasts and personalities.

You know how people say that our eyes are the windows of our souls? Well, it turns out that our feet can be the windows of not just our personalities, but also our ancestry. DNA can help determine a lot of things about your past history and your bloodline. But the shape of our feet can also tell us a lot about our pasts.

1. Toes descend from tall to short


If your toes are sized in a descending order, with your toe being the longest, then you are of Egyptian or Arabian Ancestry. Your toes taper down in size, with your toe being the longest. This foot structure is ideal for walking long distances, highlighting a nomadic past. A long toe can cause problems while looking for footwear, but that doesn’t change your love for wandering on foot.


Because you’re so sure-footed, you are fairly focused on life. You carry yourself with an air of belonging, which makes it really easy to be around you. You have an eye for design and you tend to find your inspiration in nature. You’re generally very approachable and friendly, which makes it easy for people to hang out with you.

2. All toes are of the same length


If your toes are all the same length (your toe may be a little longer, but still very much within the same line as your other toes), you have Germanic blood in you. These feet belonged to a group of folks that put hard work and labor to survive. Your ancestry comes from a farming background.


You are most likely very patient when it comes to things that you enjoy. You tend to take your time in coming to any conclusions because you want to make the best decision. Because of your pragmatic outlook, people turn to you to make big decisions.

3. The second toe is slightly longer than the rest of the toes


If your second toe (or your pointer toe) is longer than the rest of your toe, there is a good chance that you have Greek blood coursing through your veins. This toe is also called the Morton Toe. interestingly, even Greek statues bost the same structure, giving more backing to your Grecian roots.


You enjoy sports and are very creative. You have natural leadership qualities. Your high-energy makes you a fun person to be around but that can also tend to stress you out. But all in all, you love life, and your lust for it shows in the energy you have.

4. First, second and third toe are of the same length


If your first, second and third toe are of the same length, then you have Roman ancestry. This structure is also called the Peasant’s Toe. Your ancestors were likely farmers or did some sort of physical labor. This structure makes it easy for you to do things on foot.


You’re a relatively well-balanced person who has a clear vision of the direction in which you are heading in. You have a very sunny outlook, which makes you a fantastic person to be around. You like to discover new angles and ideas, often exploring the world to find them.

5. Little toe sticks out


Wide feet that have the little toe sticking out are known to have a very child-like outlook on life. This type of toe indicates that you have a young and fresh outlook on life, which can cause its own set of troubles. But you’re always looking at the brighter side of things, which makes you a delight to be around.


If you can wiggle your little toe independently, this means you have an impulsive nature. You take no time to make any decisions because you like to be quick on your feet. You’re a natural flirt but you tend to get easily distracted by the things around you.

6. Little toe is much smaller than the rest of your toes


This interesting foot shape could mean that you originated from the United Kingdom region. Four of your toes are relatively the same size, which makes finding the right kind of footwear very difficult. You could find it difficult to walk in certain types of shoes.


Your personality is very hard to read because you have an air of mystery around you. Even though it is assumed that people with this type of foot shape have a tough time finding the right kind of footwear, your flair for adventure has you seeking thrilling new experiences all the time.

7. Middle toe is slightly longer


If your middle toe is longer than the other, then your lineage has some strong family values. You have natural nurturing abilities that make you a very good caregiver. Your family is the most important thing in your life. You value personal relationships deeply.


When you have a disagreement with someone you’re close to, it shows a little too strongly. In fact, this toe tends to curl up when you don’t like how things are going. You are a gentle soul, who only wants the best for everyone. You also are a great listener who has a lot of value to add to any kind of advice.

8. Middle toe sticks outwards


You are deeply imbibed in philosophical ideas and deep thoughts. Your drive and focus are what makes you a perfectionist. You are very successful in your career because you know what direction you are heading in. Your personality also makes you very resourceful.


If this toe is shorter but sticking out, you’re more likely to be laidback in life, simply enjoying it as time passes by. You could be accused of being lazy, but the truth is that you don’t like to rush into things because it just isn’t your style.